We still have a few spots left for the September session of our Brain Restoration Therapy rotation. This is a 10 day treatment of intravenous NAD ( nicotinamide adenoside dinucleotide). The first several days act as a detox for the body. Even patients on high dose opiates will experience very tolerable withdrawal symptoms. Occasionally we’ll still use a light dose of medication for symptoms but most patients report very little discomfort.

The remainder of the days ( usually half days after the first 2) act as restoration. Patients feel a sense of well being and cravings at this point are essentially gone. Opiate patients and alcohol patients seem to do well with the 10 day program. Benzodiazepene dependent patients will often need additional days .

The infusion really seems to break the repeating cycle of addiction -cravings – relapse.

Please contact the office if you’re ready to experience authentic and lasting recovery.

Ken Starr MD

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