It seems the people who find their way into the NAD infusion treatment at the clinic have already failed everything else. They’ve all done multiple rehabs, sober living, detox’s and went into withdrawal too many times to count. It seems like the session is the ” last ditch” attempt by the family or for the patient to find sobriety.

I really wish more people who are struggling with sobriety would try NAD first, not last. Just think of all the time and money that would be saved. As many of you know, I still recommend after care when the rotation is finished. Why? Because you still have the same triggers, cues and behaviors as you did before the treatment. So therapy is needed, it’s just that when people go into the counseling end of things and they’re already feeling good they are so much more successful and much more able to achieve lasting recovery.

Between the work Ann Rogers, the Springfield Clinic and I are doing to get this treatment out there, the more people can benefit. I’m confident in the next decade this becomes the standard of care for the treatment of chemical dependency.


Ken Starr MD

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