Approved Brain Restoration BR+ Therapy Locations

Brain Restoration Therapy utilizing pure NAD is simply the safest and most comfortable method to detox off of opiates and alcohol. But this effectiveness is only achieved when providers use the specific products and protocols that have been tested and refined over the years.

Many programs now offer “NAD” treatment because of the well known and established effectiveness of this therapy. However, we’ve found they use product from questionable sources which simply doesn’t work. Or they’ve created their own “nutritionally assisted detox” which is simply a scam.

Please make sure that any provider you choose has been trained and certified to use the BR+ program.

Dr. Bryan Dixon, a psychiatrist in Portland, Oregon operates the Summitt Wellness Center. He utilizies NAD+ therapy and offers outpatient detox for chemical dependency.
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Dr. Richard Metsayer and Paula Norris have developed and refined the NAD+ protocols over the last 10 years. They now serve as mentors and educators for other physicians who are passionate about providing effective recovery solutions for conditions ranging from drug and alcohol dependence to PTSD and depression.

Located in Springfield Louisiana, about 45 minutes from New Orleans, the Wellness Center is the Headquarters for the Brain Restoration Therapy program.

All certified physicians who use NAD+ therapy have trained with Springfield Wellness and are approved in it’s use.

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