NAD Is The Most Effective Treatment Available for Complex Regional Pain Syndromes

Complex Region Pain Syndrome, previously referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD, is a clinical syndrome of unknown cause characterized by pain, swelling and dysfunction of an extremity. These pain syndromes may be due to an abnormal interaction between your central and peripheral nervous systems causing an inappropriate inflammatory response.

Those suffering from this condition are in extreme discomfort at times with little to no relief from current available therapies.

Of all the conditions for which we use NAD therapy, these pain syndromes respond the fastest and most predictably. A 2 day treatment of NAD usually will resolve the condition completely for 6-12 weeks.

Pain Syndromes like RSD have proven easy to treat with NAD Therapy. These patients experience a unimaginable improvement in their quality of life and significantly decreased pain scores. Furthermore, other pain syndromes such as Migraine Headache, Trigeminial Neuralgia, and Interstial Cystitis respond very favorably to NAD Therapy using our BR+ method.

Please contact Dr. Ken Starr at the clinic to learn more.

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