Any doctor can put a patient on suboxone, but few doctors understand how to get patients off.

I used to believe that patients needed to be on suboxone for a long time. I thought the brain was healing while it was less stimulated. I believed in long slow tapers. That’s changed.

There are many patients who do benefit from being on buprenorphine indefinitely and I don’t force their hand. They feel like the medication saved their life, and it did. They are highly functional and out of the progressive decline that characterizes opiate dependence, but others want off and I can help them.

Most patients are very fearful about a taper and discontinuation off suboxone because they feel so good with it. Knowlege is power. I can assure you there are relatively painless ways to finally get off suboxone. I can’t say your not going to suffer, but you’re not going to suffer a lot. There are established and proven methods of helping patients get off and if you’re motivated, knowlegeable and COMITTTED it will work.

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Ken Starr MD

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