Neurodegenerative Disease

NAD IS AN EFFECTIVE AND SAFE TREATMENT for Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

The Ken Starr MD Wellness Group succesfully treats Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia with NAD. The improvement in the quality of life of the Alzheimer patient far surpasses that of any current pharmacologic treatment.

By increasing the circulating levels of NAD in the body, cellular energy improves. In older patients with age related decline in memory and cognition we have seen dramatic and remarkable improvements within just 4-5 days of treatment.

Here is an article in Scientific American describing NAD+ as related to aging.

Addison’s Story

“I had a 15-year diagnosis of Parkinson’s. My hands shook so badly I couldn’t write my name or hold a fork. I drooled when I slept; I stumbled when I walked. But after just two hours of an eight-hour treatment with intravenous NAD, my hands stopped shaking. When my wife saw me able to hold out my hands without trembling, she burst into tears. Really, it was like we’d just witnessed a miracle. After six full treatments, I no longer have any of my previous symptoms of Parkinson’s. My peripheral vision has improved; I work out, stand straight, and people tell me I look far younger than my almost 80 years. I’m no longer taking any medications other than my NAD nasal spray. When I returned to my Parkinson’s physician, she was so confounded she said, ‘Maybe you didn’t have Parkinson’s after all.’”

With permission from Springfield Wellness Center

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