NAD+ Is The New Standard for Opiate and Alcohol Detox 

Why do I believe that using Intravenous NAD+ should be the standard of care for opiate or alcohol detox?

Because it works. And it works better than you can imagine.

I’ve provided both inpatient and outpatient medical detox for several years. It’s fair to say the medications used for detox just haven’t changed much. Most programs will use a combination of sedatives, muscle relaxers, clonidine, etc… These medications are mostly effective and safe and helpful. But these meds just don’t seem to shorten the duration of withdrawal or help rebuild the neurochemistry that contributes to addiction. That’s where NAD+ comes in.

Administering IV NAD+ significantly improves the withdrawal experience for patients. It decreases the severity of withdrawal symptoms and accelerates the recovery process. Our patients regularly  finish our Brain Restoration Therapy Program BR+ with no cravings, no withdrawal and no desire for further drug use.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a chemical dependency or continues to relapse despite having completed treatment. You owe it to them to learn about NAD+.

Please call the clinic to learn more about how NAD+ is the really the most effective modern therapy for opiate and alcohol recovery.

Ken Starr MD

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