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Cerveau by Sanus Biotech is Great Stuff

Why I Love Cerveau

I love Cerveau because it makes me wired. Really wired. Sometimes too much. Not like too much coffee, but like too much happiness. I like to be even. Ask my friends. They’ll all tell you I’m even; to a fault.

So I’ve found when I take Cerveau I get a lot of stuff done and this is good. Like this Blog. You are basically reading Cerveau in action.

This tasty chewable pill stabilizes dopamine levels in the brain. The company claims it improves cognition, memory, and energy.  My patients report less cravings for sugar, alcohol and addictive drugs. I think there’s a role for Cerveau in my addiction patients. Many of them use drugs to feel good, get stuff done, and improve both mood and happiness. Cerveau does this. Cerveau would be great for Post Acute Withdrawal and for those patients in early recovery.

Try Cerveau today. You’ll feel better, be happier and it can be your little secret. I won’t tell.

We’ll keep a bottle for you.

Ken Starr MD

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