I’m exhausted. I’m sick and tired of programs that advertise ” Rapid” or ” Accelerated” detox off opiates. Most of them now just ” snow ” you for a few days then give you naltrexone and boot you out. Then I get the calls from patients who are suffering miserably and they want to see what I can do.

Listen. It took years for your brain chemistry to change. For you to become dependent on opiates. For your tolerance to go up and up. For you to now have to take norco or oxy or heroin to just feel normal. I know you’re not getting ” high” anymore. You’re using to get ” by”. I’m not sure all treatment centers understand this.

I’m amazed what our brain restoration therapy can do in 10 days! To even think that you can achieve lasting recovery with 24-48 hours of sedative then a naltrexone shot is ridiculous.

These centers are taking advantage of desperate patients and their families.

One thing I do is underpromise and overdeliver, which in the world of addiction treatment is not easy.

Hold your doctor or clinic or detox center to the standard of common sense.

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