Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prescribe suboxone or subutex?

Yes, we provide buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex) products to patients when appropriate. Patients are seen monthly. There is no maximum time that a patient can be on suboxone. Some patients choose a longer course of treatment while others can successfully use suboxone to detox off of opiates. I’ll work with you to develop a plan that best helps you accomplish your goals.

Are you open to new patients?

Yes. We are open to new clients. We can usually accomodate new patients within a few days of their call. We are open to suboxone patients as well. The NAD rotations fill up, so early registration is recommended.

How do I travel to your clinic in Arroyo Grande?

The closest airport is San Luis Obispo which is about 20 minutes away. We are halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the scenic Central California Coast. It’s approximately a 3 hour drive from either the LA area or the Bay Area.

There are many lodging options either in San Luis Obispo or closer to us in Arroyo Grande. Close hotels are in beautiful Pismo Beach and Shell Beach. We are glad to help you with travel arrangements.

Is the infusion of NAD sedating?

No. the IV infusion is not sedating. Most people relax, watch TV, read, or just rest during the infusion. Patients don’t need cardiac or respiratory monitoring. We have an RN and/or an MD in the office during the infusion.

How do I know how long of a detox I need?

The 10 day detox is our standard program. We do offer a shorter 6 day program for acute alcohol detox but it’s best combined with additional boosters over the next several weeks. It’s convenient that the entire program is only 1 week. The patient isn’t going to get the full benefit of the detox program in only 6 days. They should return to the clinic at least once weekly for another 4 days of medication. The 10 day detox is a standard detox for the majority of people. 13 and 15 day programs are needed for those coming off methadone, suboxone and benzodiazepienes.

We encourage you to call the clinic with any questions:
(805) 242-1360

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