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SLO Donut Co. has over 100 flavors, from vegan to out of this world – but this Pistachio Sunrise doughnut is special.

“We were already working on doing some sort of a month long attempt at raising awareness for drug and alcohol abuse and kind of the unique circumstances played into that,” Brandon Miller, Marketing and Sales Manager for SLO Donut Co. tells us.

Cal Poly student Kennedy Love was a frequent customer of SLO Donut Co.

The hit and run accident that took his life happened only one block away.

“Immediately some of our employees recognized him as someone who always came in smiling, super kind. We get a lot of customers so I think someone that goes out of their way to be so friendly with the staff is so easily recognizable. Being just a block a way [too,] that was really hard to hear,” Miller says.

For customer Thialor Mize this charity doughnut hits home too. Not only is she a fellow cyclist, she’s been hit riding her bike as well.

“You have a sense of hopelessness and I’m sure that is an understatement for his family and I wouldn’t want to be in that situation.. I feel really really bad for them,” Mize says.

The donut shop is partnering with Ken Starr, a local wellness group, to help spread awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.

San Luis Obispo police say the 17 year old driver who hit Kennedy was believed to be drinking and driving when the accident happened.

The Pistachio Sunrise donut is a design both inspired by the wellness brand and the life Kennedy lived.

“We started doing the pistachio cakes and then realized the sun would not only connect with Ken’s business logo but it really represented Kennedy and who he was as a person. When our staff described him, he was such a bright, kind generous young man and so we really thought that pulled it all together,” says Miller.

The doughnut costs $2 with all of the sales going to Kennedy’s family. It will be available through the month the September.

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