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I believe that we are all a part of a larger collective which connects us in our struggles and in our joy. Connection is why we are here, as it is neurobiologically the way in which we are wired. With this understanding, I believe that optimal health can be achieved through our relationships both with ourselves, as well as with other individuals and the outside world. I focus on the manner by which individuals connect relationally with themselves, as well as other influences in their lives. My training is rooted in systemic perspective known as Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal psychotherapy intentionally uses all of the facets of relationship and connection as the vehicle for healing.

When dysfunction becomes inhibiting to an individual’s growth, it carries over into all aspects of their life including their relationships. My goal as a therapist is to be a safe haven for my clients as they embark in a process of awareness of their participation in the creation of their reality, while providing support and encouragement for them in their efforts to grow and transform. I strive to embody the concept of unconditional positive regard so that the therapeutic container may hold space for this growth and transformation to occur. I believe that every detail is a significant piece to our own puzzle of consciousness, and certainly affects how we connect to a larger collective. I utilize mindfulness based practices to cultivate this process of awareness. I believe that learning to quiet the mind from all of the noise that can result from trauma, emotional pain, and relational discord is crucial for developing the ability to manage and regulate our emotions.

I work from a client centered perspective, within a systems based framework. I take a stand point whereby I am not the expert in the room of anyone’s experience, rather the client is the expert of their own life. My goal is to guide the client to a deeper awareness of the meanings that they have come to believe about their experience, and how those awarenesses/beliefs manifest in their behaviors and relationships (e.g poor boundaries, unhelpful behaviors, etc).

I believe that the quality of the therapeutic relationship will translate to clients’ relationship with their own self and then radiate outward to other people in their lives. As they learn to develop empathy and compassion for themselves, they are then able to turn that outside themselves (Siegel, 2010 Mindsight). Eventually, they may even begin to strengthen or develop a connection with a larger entity, an understanding of a larger collective, and/or develop a deeper sense of meaning and/or purpose. I have a concentrated area of study in Spiritual Psychology which allows for spiritual exploration to become a part of the therapeutic work towards healing and self discovery.

I believe that healing occurs when we have something larger than ourselves to grow towards. I am truly honored to be a part of this process of unfolding and recognise that we each have our own unique journey.

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