Wellness Programs

Wellness IV Infusions

Fountain of Youth

Restore your body’s master detoxifying antioxidant Glutathione for even, brighter skin and enjoy replenished energy with a blend of B vitamins. Get going and get glowing!

Power Perform

Refuel and recover from workout fatigue and muscle soreness with this power blend of nourishing amino acids, neutralizing minerals, electrolytes, and potent B vitamins. Regain your best athletic performance sooner.

Party Recovery

Instantly relieve nausea and muscle aches from your ‘night out’ with isotonic fluid, restorative vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Don’t lose your weekend!


Also known as the Myers formula, this essential infusion of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes gives you a complete cellular energy reboot.

C Power – Immunity Support

High Dose Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer agent, and immunity booster – perfect for wound healing and anti-aging benefits. “C” how good you’ll feel!

Slim Down

Fan the furnace of your metabolism and enhance muscle performance with L-Carnitine and metabolic boosters to reduce fatigue and curb appetite. Get your sexy back!


This gentle infusion removes toxins from your blood and lymph system through a complete cellular detox. Cleanse and maximize your healthy lifestyle.

Bug Off

Kick viral illness to the curb with a fast-acting and potent blend of hydrochloric acid, zinc, and a megadose of vitamin C. Save your sick day for a play day!

Chill Out

Relax naturally from the stress of the ‘now’ with an infusion of soothing tryptophan, magnesium, and taurine. Take a vacation in an hour, be ‘chill’ for days.

Wellness Shots

B12 Bomb

Get the perfect balance of energy for your day, and restored functioning for a great night sleep with this revitalizing blend of B vitamins.

Skinny Shot

Swing by on your way to the gym for a quick boost in muscle performance and appetite suppressing amino acids.

Immunity Boost

Stay one step ahead of sickness and protect your immune system with this quick and effective natural booster.

Wellness Treatments

Neurotransmitter Testing

Know what needs fixing and what doesn’t with a complete analysis of neurotransmitter levels. Ready to improve your mood and sleep? It starts here.

Men’s Health

Maximize your health and vitality through testosterone replacement therapy. Decrease fat, improve lean muscle mass, and increase energy… She’ll thank you.


Cleanse your system of toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury while decreasing your risk for heart disease through infusions of IV EDTA… Lighten your load!


Maximize your health and wellness through detoxifying and revitalizing supplements. Physician consultation available.

Brain Restoration Therapy (NAD+)

Unlock the powerful healing properties of NAD for balanced functioning, improved memory and concentration, and recovery from heavy drug and alcohol use.

Wellness Coaching

Envision your new standard for improved health and wellbeing; let us partner with you in setting goals and moving towards a greater quality of life.

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