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Outpatient Detox & Stabilization

Receive quick and effective medication assisted treatment.

What is Outpatient Medical
Detox & Stabilization?

Ken Starr MD Wellness Group is the leading resource for Outpatient medical detoxification and stabilization in San Luis Obispo County. Outpatient detox and stabilization is a critical component of substance abuse treatment designed to help individuals safely withdraw from addictive substances while providing necessary medical support and stabilization services. 


The Outpatient Medical Detox & Stabilization Program includes Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). We provide effective medications, such as Suboxone®, to help with withdrawal symptoms and aid in medication tapering. This program is an abbreviated version of our Intensive Outpatient Detox Program. 


This approach offers several advantages, including increased accessibility, reduced cost, and the ability to maintain a connection with daily life, such as work and family commitments.





1. Attend an hour-long intake session

2. Meet with the our medical professionals to receive your medication prescription 

3.  Take your medication at home for about 5-10 days (includes check-ins)


The outpatient medical detox & stabilization program does NOT include NAD+ Therapy. If you are in need of NAD+ Therapy for medical detox, please consider the Intensive Outpatient Detox Program.

Our counseling programs are in-network with Anthem and Blue Cross, Blue Shield insurance plans.

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