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Ask Your NAD Therapy Provider These Questions

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine DinucleotideNAD is very effective in eliminating drug withdrawal and cravings. Additionally, it is effective for improving neurocognitive impairments like ” brain fog”, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, chronic headaches and some types of neuropathic pain. Because NAD programs require a substantial investment of both time and money, I’ve put together a short checklist of questions to ask your prospective NAD program.

It’s not as simple as just getting an infusion and going home, although many providers think it is. Like any specialized area of medicine, you want to be under the care of someone with an area of expertise in the field and in the medications used to treat these conditions.

General Questions: 

Where did you learn how to use NAD? This is huge. Anybody can order NAD from just about anywhere. Guess what? You will not get the same results from just anyone shooting you up with NAD. The clinic should be able to tell you with full transparency where and when they did their training.

I would strongly recommend that you choose a provider fully trained in BR+, which is Brain Restoration Therapy. The BR+ program was developed by Dr. Richard Metsayer in Springfield, Louisiana. Essentially, he’s been using NAD to treat a variety of medical conditions longer than anyone and his team is responsible for developing the protocols we know are effective. If you’re going to invest your time and money in an NAD program you’d be best served by using someone ” Certified” in BR+. There are many clinics around the country where patients  can receive top quality care from well trained providers. You don’t need to go to Louisiana. Just make sure your doctor is using BR+ protocols and completed to necessary training to use the BR+ logo.

Where do you order your NAD+ Vials? 

Many companies make NAD.  As the popularity has increased more manufacturers are throwing their hats in the ring . My experience and the experience of others  I’ve worked with is that not all NAD is the same. I think some manufacturers are really using NADH, for which your body already has an excess.  It doesn’t create the results seen with genuine NAD+ administration. Ask your clinic where they get their NAD. If they won’t tell you run, don’t walk.

We only use NAD made by Archway Apothecary in Louisiana. It works, and It’s the standard to which all others are compared. I would strongly recommend you use NAD from Archway. It works and it works very well. It’s not the cheapest product and they won’t sell it to anyone who asks. From what I understand, providers need to show a level of competency in order to obtain meds from Archway. Several pharmacies sell NAD for less than Archway, so clinics are inclined to order this cheaper product.

Ask These Questions If Doing NAD for Drug/Alcohol Treatment

Things get a little more complicated for those using NAD for recovery. I think the programs need to offer more in terms of counseling, groups, individual therapy and alternative detox meds when necessary.

Is there a physician present during the treatment and are they Board Certified in Addiction Medicine? 

I think this is important only to assure some external validation that the MD running your program is an expert in the field and will be there with you to help you through the process. You want rapid and smooth control of withdrawal symptoms. Although NAD is great, it’s often necessary to throw more in the mix. Ask what other meds are available if the going gets rough.

Outside of NAD, is the program a legitimate  recovery program? 

NAD should be part of a recovery program, not a recovery program. Many programs will have you just hang out and “drip”. I wish that were enough. Our patients need a program. They need to learn to manage cravings, understand the disease of addiction and learn new coping skills to prevent relapse. NAD is amazing at minimizing withdrawal and decreasing cravings. I can talk all day about that, but it’s only a small part of the recovery process.

Make sure your program is state licensed or better yet CARF accredited as a drug and alcohol recovery center. This will allow them to bill insurance for a substance abuse program which can significantly offset the costs to the patient. It also ensures the clinic has met the rigors of external quality review and uses best practices.

Since you’re at it, also ensure that their counselors are licensed therapists who have experience and expertise in addiction treatment and recovery. Many programs use substance abuse counselors. These can be well intentioned folks who are new to recovery themselves. They simply don’t have the training and education that a licensed clinician offers.

What’s the cost? 

This can vary geographically, but expect to pay between $1100 and $1300/day for an NAD program. That should include nursing care, medications, physician care and any other little things that can come up.


NAD is an effective treatment for those desiring freedom from chemical dependency. It alleviates withdrawals and cravings significantly. NAD is also used now for other health indications like improving longevity, memory, depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain and dementia. There are many clinics opening up offering NAD treatment. Take your time to fully investigate each program and be sure to use someone fully trained and knowledgeable in NAD therapies. Lastly, make sure the clinic provides top notch trained staff to assist in your health goals.


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