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Get off of Buprenorphine with Extended-Release Buornorphine: XR Shots Explained

## The Shrinking Practice: Why We're Getting Patients Off Buprenorphine

My medical practice has seen a significant decline in the number of patients seeking treatment for buprenorphine dependence. This might seem counterintuitive, but the reason behind this shift is a testament to the success of our treatment approach. We've been using extended-release buprenorphine products, such as Sublocade and Brixadi, to help patients taper off their dependence on buprenorphine. As a result, we've successfully gotten around 60-70% of our patients off buprenorphine, freeing them from the grip of opioid dependence.

## The Challenge of Buprenorphine Dependence

For patients in long-term recovery, the risk of relapse is minimal, but buprenorphine dependence remains a significant concern. Our mission is to help patients overcome opioid addiction, including buprenorphine. We've developed a novel approach to achieving this goal, which has led to the significant decline in our buprenorphine patient population.

## The Power of Extended-Release Products

Extended-release buprenorphine products like Sublocade and Brixadi have revolutionized our treatment. These products allow for a gradual tapering off of buprenorphine, reducing the risk of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We've had phenomenal success with these products, with over 100 patients successfully tapering off buprenorphine using this approach.

## The Benefits of Brixadi

Brixadi is a newer extended-release buprenorphine product that has proven to be a game-changer. It has a shorter half-life than Sublocade, but its advantages far outweigh this limitation. Brixadi offers a less painful injection experience, requires less volume, and has multiple injection sites. Additionally, it doesn't require refrigeration, making it more convenient for our practice.

## Overcoming the Psychological Barrier

One of the biggest hurdles patients face when transitioning to extended-release buprenorphine products is the psychological aspect. After years of relying on buprenorphine to manage their addiction, patients often struggle to come to terms with not needing to take something to feel okay. The first month is crucial in helping patients adjust to this new reality. We've found that giving multiple shots helps patients build confidence in their recovery, as the medicine builds up over time.

## The Importance of Dose and Patient Experience

While extended-release buprenorphine products are highly effective, the dose and patient experience play a significant role in their success. Patients on high doses of buprenorphine may require additional support to manage withdrawal symptoms, whereas those on lower doses tend to respond well to a single shot. We've found that revisiting treatment plans with patients who didn't have a successful experience initially often yields better results when they return at a lower dose.

## A Holistic Approach to Detox

Our detox program has been transformed by the incorporation of extended-release buprenorphine products. We've seen even the most hardcore opioid users respond well to this approach, with many able to detox comfortably in just a few days before transitioning to a shot. This comprehensive approach has been instrumental in helping patients overcome opioid addiction.

In conclusion, our shrinking practice is a testament to the efficacy of extended-release buprenorphine products in helping patients overcome buprenorphine dependence. By adopting a holistic approach that addresses the psychological and physical aspects of addiction, we've been able to revolutionize our treatment approach and improve patient outcomes. If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, we encourage you to explore the possibilities of extended-release buprenorphine products.

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