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Real NAD+ Tablet Finally Available

Today NAD+  is used for a range of health issues. NAD+ is used to alleviate withdrawal from addictive substances like alcohol and opiates. NAD+ creates a calm focus of increased consciousness and awareness. I think everyone who has administered NAD+ regularly has witnessed tremendous improvements in patients with dementia, depression, migraines and chronic pain. We now understand that NAD+ is a fundamental substrate for the enzyme systems ( PARP’s and SIRT’s ) that regulate and repair genes, influence aging, sleep, metabolism, and detoxification.

Up until now, patients have mostly used NAD+ in an IV drip or in a nasal spray. There has been some limited topical and subcutaneous use, but the cost, convenience, and effectiveness of those products have been challenging. The main oral product out there historically has been the precursor Nicotinamide Riboside. That all changes now with the new  Real NAD+ product by Avior Nutritionals.

Avior uses EZ melt technology. EZ melt means the tablet dissolves in the mouth and is absorbed in the mouth bypassing the GI tract and the first pass metabolism of the liver. This process allows the medication to have higher bioavailability and quicker absorption.

Our early experience has shown the Real NAD+ product to be effective. Our patients report a positive sense of wellbeing and improved energy.   One dose of Real NAD+ is 300mg. By comparison, IV doses range from 500mg to 1500mg a day. I haven’t yet determined if we can just use the oral product for withdrawal or detox. When we do try, that the dose would end up being 6-8 tablets daily with an effective dose of 1200mg/day. I’m not sure how well a dose that high would be tolerated. So far the 300mg/day dose is well tolerated with no reported issues.

A potential disadvantage for patients currently taking a Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)  product like Elysium is that the body needs to convert it to NAD for it to be useful. Real NAD+ may provide a higher level of bioavailable NAD+ right from the get-go.

For the sake of completeness, there is some discussion among NAD researchers that NAD needs to be broken down to NR to be taken up and used by the cell. Accomplished researchers like Ross Grant in Austrailia don’t fully agree with that theory and speculate there is a mechanism not yet identified that is involved in this process of cellular integration of NAD.

I would encourage any health-conscious reader to experiment with NAD+ or NAD boosters like nicotinamide riboside. We’re learning more all the time, however, the best information now is that increasing NAD levels has shown to reverse aging in mice, improve cellular DNA repair, slow aging, improve sleep, and clear up brain fog.

At our shop, NR ($85)  and NAD+( $95)  are similarly priced. The nasal spray ( $135), which has a huge following is a bit more money.

It’s certainly not one of those supplements that you take and wonder if it’s doing anything. NAD supplements create very real and noticeable changes in your quality of life.

At the time of this writing Real NAD+ by Avior is only available at established NAD+ treatment centers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ken Starr MD FACEP, ABAM is the Founder and Medical Director of the Ken Starr MD Wellness Group in Downtown Arroyo Grande, California. The clinic is both state licensed and CARF accredited. Dr. Starr is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and serves as Medical Director of Addiction Medicine Services for Dignity Health on the Central California Coast. The Wellness Group is the longest running established NAD+ Therapy program on the West Coast. The Wellness Group believes in ethical and transparent business practices and holds our patients in the highest regard. 


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