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The Bridge Device for Opiate Detox

We are very excited to offer The Bridge Device to help with opiate detoxification. 

This device is like a small electronic hearing aid that is placed behind the ear. The device stays in place for a full 5 days and fires small electrical impulses around the ear that interrupt signals from the brain that control how your body responds to opiate withdrawal.

The device by itself is very helpful in decreasing the extent of suffering from opiate withdrawal, however we are in a unique position because we’re already using NAD infusions to minimize opiate withdrawal. 

I’m confident that between The Bridge Device, and our NAD Infusions for withdrawal,  we can comfortably detox any opiate dependent patient who’s committed to recovery but fearful of the detox process itself. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our patients and being the leaders in Recovery Care.

Please call the Clinic to learn more.

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Ken Starr MD


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