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Promote Wellness, Not Addiction Treatment

Focus on Wellness, not Substance Abuse Treatment

When I originally started my addiction practice, I named my company The Addiction Medicine Group. This seemed like a logical title for a dedicated group of professionals treating substance abuse and at the time it was. The practice was limited to substance abuse treatment. We offered detox, support, and recovery programs primarily for alcohol, opiate and benzodiazepine dependence.

I think the realization for me happened when I introduced NAD+ Therapy. NAD+ is an infusion of a naturally occurring co-enzyme that’s been found to eliminate drug withdrawal and cravings. NAD+ is miraculous. The infusion provides a very smooth and tolerable detox experience while also rebuilding a foundation of neurotransmitter support which seems to decrease post-acute withdrawal symptoms. Patients receiving IV NAD+ have less withdrawal and fewer cravings both short and long-term. NAD+ Therapy turns out to be an effective tool not only for recovery but for depression, anxiety, and pain.

Almost all patients with substance use disorders have anxiety, depression, poorly managed stress, mood disorders or unrecognized trauma. When I truly understood this, it allowed me to offer more comprehensive services that deal with these underlying issues. I added therapists experienced in trauma work, a nutritionist, and licensed clinicians This goes way deeper than just detox and medication support.

Since we already had nursing on board and were administering IV infusions, the next step evolved into offering nutritional infusions that enhanced both wellness and recovery. Simple and safe infusions like the Myer’s Cocktail, high dose vitamin C, Glutathione, calming blends of amino acids and other vitamin and mineral formulations really help people feel better, think more clearly, build up  immune support and foster a a sense of well being that’s needed for complete and authentic recovery, not just for substance abuse  recovery but for life.

Some people cope with food, others with substances. Both behaviors are a maladaptive response to stress. This is why we so often take care of alcoholics who have had gastric bypass. Initially, the food was calming, then the alcohol. The underlying issues are still there. We need tools to process the underlying stress and triggers that feed the overeating, the over drinking or over the over medicating.  Wellness applies to everyone, not just substance abuse patients. We all deal with stress and fair to say we don’t all have perfect outlets for dealing with it.

Everyone has something they can improve on. All of us want quality relationships with strong connections with our friends, family, and community. This can only be achieved by checking in, not checking out. To simply elevate our experience of living we need to be present with ourselves. We need a healthy head space. A positive and solid relationship with ourselves is required before we can have meaningful relationships with other people or to eliminate substance use habits.

At the Ken Starr MD Wellness Group we specialize in Drug and Alcohol Treatment, but more importantly, we focus on getting well.

Call to learn more and take a tour of our comfortable and inviting clinic.

To learn more call the clinic at 805-242-1360 and speak with Julia or Dr. Starr. Or contact us here.


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